Gavin White

Gavin White
Research Director

Gavin has extensive international experience working on projects in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Asia, and has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research. His specialist areas are public sector, visitor attraction and stakeholder research, with a particular emphasis on relating research findings to communications and marketing strategy.

Having run research projects both internationally and domestically, he is familiar with the challenges involved in researching a wide range of subjects amongst diverse audiences.

Gavin's core skills include:

  • Project management for evaluation research & feasibility studies
  • Coordination and reporting of complex statistical analysis
  • Writing major public sector reports which were then published
  • Conducting focus groups and depth interviews
  • Writing qualitative discussion guides and quantitative questionnaires
  • Coordination of UMR's online services

Gavin also writes the SAYit Blog, a regular summary of polling and analysis for members of UMR's SAYit online panel.