SAYit Online Omnibus Survey

This is a monthly survey of n=1000 New Zealanders aged 18 years or over including a large booster of Auckland residents, conducted using the SAYit online panel.

  • Its track record for accuracy has been proven in real-world tests.
  • Sophisticated quotas & weights ensure sample is as representative as possible.
  • Each survey includes modules of questions for several different clients with the cost of demographic questions shared between clients. Purchase one question at a time or up to ten questions at once.

The SAYit Online Omnibus was introduced in 2009, and includes several trendlines not included in the UMR Telephone Omnibus. Advantages of online surveys over telephone surveys include:

  • Better for testing complex concepts and arguments
  • Ranking questions work better
  • Ability to test visual material
  • Ability to test multi-media material
  • Responses to open-ended questions tend to be more detailed & nuanced.