SAYit Rapid Reaction Qual Panels

SAYit Rapid Reaction Qual Panels

This is one of UMR's tools for online qualitative research. It involves a panel of New Zealanders recruited specifically for each project, who respond to open-ended questions. They provide:

  • Quick responses to breaking stories - results are often available the day after the panels go into the field
  • Rich and detailed qualitative responses more commonly associated with focus groups than online qualitative research.

Clients who want to launch new advertisements or make big announcements can use SAYit Rapid Reaction Qual Panels to test reactions immediately, allowing them to react quickly and prepare follow-up communications.  Simply tell us who your new advertisement or big announcement is supposed to reach, and we'll recruit a Qual Panel made up of those sorts of people.

SAYit Rapid Reaction Qual Panels can also be an excellent supplement to traditional focus groups and depth interviews.  Clients don't usually find it feasible to have focus groups in every part of the country. With this approach you can hold traditional focus groups in a few key locations, with SAYit Rapid Reaction Qual Panels used to cover all the other locations your focus groups don't.

In our experience responses to SAYit Rapid Reaction Qual Panels tend to be far more detailed and nuanced than what comes out of online quantitative surveys.  The format is designed to encourage people to explain their views in detail.  If they want, clients can view the responses exactly as they were received - that means they can design their own responses based on the language New Zealanders really use.