SAYit Web Intelligence

SAYit Web Intelligence

Is your website really doing its job?  Can people find the pages you want them to find?  SAYit Web Intelligence can help you find out.

SAYit Web Intelligence is a unique new tool, bringing true market-research rigour to website testing.

  • Whereas many tools rely on expert panels, SAYit Web Intelligence uses a genuinely random cross-section of potential users.
  • SAYit Web Intelligence measure both what people THINK about websites, and what they DO on them

The tool combines both survey questions and tracking software:

  • We ask participants questions to find out what they feel about the experience (e.g. whether it was easy to find the information they were looking for, what they thought of the general appearance of the site)
  • Tracking software shows what they actually did on the website, how long it took them and whether or not they went to the right places.

The core of SAYit Web Intelligence system involves getting participants to complete selected tasks.  

  • We choose tasks based on what you hope people will do on your website - you might get people to look for a specific piece of information, or find their way to a specific page.  
  • SAYit Web Intelligence will ask them questions about what they think of doing the task AND track how they go about it.  
  • You can see where they go wrong, where they get distracted, and how long it takes them.

You can choose to use the SAYit online panel, your own customer database, or a combination of the two.

Contact Online Manager Andrew Whitsed for further information.