UMR Telephone Omnibus Survey

The UMR Telephone Omnibus Survey is a fortnightly survey of n=750 New Zealanders aged 18 years or older.

  • The survey's track record for accuracy has been proven in real-world tests.
  • Sophisticated quotas & weights ensure sample is as representative as possible.
  • Each survey includes modules of questions for several different clients with the cost of demographic questions shared between clients. Purchase one question at a time or up to ten questions at once.
  • Larger sample sizes for specific demographic groups can be achieved by including questions in consecutive omnibus surveys.
  • Fortnightly schedule means that there will almost certainly be a survey at a time that meets your needs.

The UMR Telephone Omnibus Survey also offers clients a wealth of historical data.

  • Many trendlines have been updated regularly since the late 1990's. ¬†Some go as far back as 1991.
  • 750 surveys per fortnight makes around 18,000 surveys per annum - imagine the statistical insights which could be drawn from a database of that many people.