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If only Kiwis could vote for president

19 Apr 2016

In Field Dates: 

31 Mar 2016 to 6 Apr 2016

There has been some debate among New Zealand political commentators about whether a candidate like Donald Trump could emerge in New Zealand. The underlying circumstances are sufficiently different to make this unlikely, at least in the next few years. New Zealand has not been as badly scarred by the global financial crisis as the United States. A decisive majority of New Zealanders have believed the country is heading in the right direction for almost all of John Key's term as Prime Minister.


Flag referendum 2016 - March 17 update

17 Mar 2016

In Field Dates: 

25 Feb 2016 to 29 Mar 2016
10 Mar 2016 to 15 Mar 2016

There was no significant change in flag preference from the previous survey conducted in Late February.
Younger New Zealanders are the keenest to retain the flag.
Political polarisation is again very evident. A narrow majority of National voters now intend to vote for change but big majorities of other voters are voting for retention.


Flag referendum update - February 2016

16 Feb 2016

In Field Dates: 

29 Jan 2016 to 15 Feb 2016

Two-thirds of New Zealanders are still planning to back the current flag in the upcoming referendum, according to a poll - and just as many say the whole process was a waste of money.

Figures from UMR Research's flag referendum update released on Monday have found of those polled, 65 per cent preferred the union-jack-emblazoned flag to its ferned alternative.


Flag referendum update - November 2015

10 Nov 2015

In Field Dates: 

27 Oct 2015 to 9 Nov 2015

On first preferences the red and blue Lockwood fern design (on 35%) is ahead of the blue and black fern (on 33%).
Red Peak sits in third with 17% of respondents giving it their first preference – the proportion similar to the October survey.
Applying the preferential voting system the red and blue fern edges out the blue and black fern, but this result is within the margin of error.


Flag referendum update - October 2015

19 Oct 2015

In Field Dates: 

2 Oct 2015 to 15 Oct 2015
  • The red and blue Lockwood fern is ahead of the blue and black fern as first preference.
  • Through the single transferable vote system the red and blue fern edges the blue and black fern, but it is within margin of error.
  • None of the proposed designs seriously challenge the current flag in a head-to-head choice.

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E-readers versus printed books

8 Jul 2014

In Field Dates: 

30 Apr 2014 to 12 May 2014

At a certain type of BBQ or dinner party the printed book versus e-reader debate is always likely to break out.

Printed book defenders tend to be more forceful and emotional in their advocacy.

Their preference for the printed book is based on intangible factors such as the feel of a book and the smell of a book. A deep passion that the traditional book is the right and proper way to read and should never be allowed to die is evident.

E-reader advocates tend to see it as a no brainer and point to more functional advantages such as lighting , weight and cost.



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