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Inequality in New Zealand 2013

7 Mar 2014

The centrepiece of this study is based on a large module of questions included in the UMR SayIt monthly online survey, conducted from 29th August to 10th September 2013

The SayIt survey has a nationally representative sample of 1000 New Zealanders 18 years or older. The margin for error for this survey is ± 3.1%.

Except where otherwise stated, all data in this study was collected in this survey.

Some results are from questions included in other monthly online surveys.


Social Media and Elections

4 Nov 2013

In Field Dates: 

1 Jan 2013 to 31 Mar 2013

Please find a link to UMR Research Director Stephen Mill's contribution to the publication "Social Media and Elections in Asia - Pacific" below:


Please also find some associated research in the PDF below:


Should the government fund a future America's Cup challenge?

18 Oct 2013

In Field Dates: 

24 Sep 2013 to 10 Oct 2013

A poll released today by UMR Research shows that, while New Zealanders are comfortable with government funding of the 2013 challenge, they’re less supportive of government funding for any future America’s Cup challenge.

  • 56% approve of the government funding the 2013 challenge, with 37% disapproving and 7% unsure
  • 41% say that they would approve of the government putting up the same amount of money again to fund a future challenge, with 48% disapproving and 10% unsure.

The poll also shows that:


Most NZers think expelled list MPs should resign

17 Dec 2012

In Field Dates: 

6 Dec 2012 to 10 Dec 2012

70% of New Zealanders believe that list MPs who are expelled from their parties should have to resign from parliament, according to a UMR Research poll released today.  16% think that they should not have to leave parliament, while 14% are undecided.


Opponents blow away supporters of Wellywood sign

24 May 2011

Opponents of the controversial Wellywood sign to be erected near Wellington’s airport have blown away supporters in a UMR Research poll.

The poll shows that a clear majority of those aware of the debate (64%) are opposed with only 22% in support and 13% who neither approve nor disapprove of the sign and 1% who were unsure.  Reflecting the emotion the issue has attracted, almost half (44%) strongly disapprove of the sign.


Rail lines on a new Waitemata Harbour Crossing

4 Apr 2011

In Field Dates: 

24 Mar 2011 to 27 Mar 2011

The vast majority of Aucklanders want the proposed new harbour crossing to include rail, according to a poll by UMR Research. 

  • Of the n=241 Aucklanders surveyed, 79% favour the inclusion of rail lines.
  • This is significant because both NZTA and the Government are currently treating rail as an option, rather than as an integral part of any new crossing (e.g. rail lines are not factored in to NZTA’s Cost Benefit Analysis comparing bridge and tunnel options).

Opinions are more divided on the choice between a bridge and a tunnel.


Will optimism about the Hobbit mean people go?

27 Nov 2012

In Field Dates: 

22 Nov 2012 to 26 Nov 2012

Only 1% of New Zealanders expect the Hobbit film to be a box office flop, according to a UMR Research poll released today.

UMR’s fortnightly Omnibus Survey shows 84% of New Zealanders expecting that it will be successful at the box office, including 64% who believe it will be a major success. 15% are unsure whether it will be a success or failure. On the other hand, only 18% say they have been closely following the build-up to the film up until now.



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