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Social media in New Zealand

20 Nov 2012

In Field Dates: 

12 Oct 2012 to 25 Oct 2012

76% of New Zealanders who are online use Facebook, up 7% since 2011.  Linkedin is the next most popular on 29%, although this is more than double what it was in 2011 (previously 12%).  On the other hand, 90% of people who are on Linkedin are also on Facebook.

UMR’s monthly Online Omnibus survey also looked at Twitter:


Confidence in Christchurch Recovery Dented by Aftershocks

21 Jul 2011

In Field Dates: 

17 Jun 2011 to 19 Jun 2011

Twin aftershocks experienced by Christchurch on June 13 made a big dent in the residents’ confidence in the city’s recovery, a unique before-and-after survey by New Zealand research company UMR has found.

Shortly prior to the aftershocks, 66% of Christchurch residents felt the city’s recovery was on the right track, while a follow up study just four days after the severe shakes, saw this figure dip to 53% of residents.


The Top News Stories of 2011

19 Dec 2011

2011 has clearly been the biggest year for news since 2003, according to new polling data released today by UMR Research.  The data is based on a question from UMR’s fortnightly telephone omnibus survey, which asks people to rate how closely they have been following stories which have been in the news over the previous fortnight.  The series has been running since 2003, and the data shows that four of the six biggest news stories in the last eight years have happened in the last 15 months. 


The Wellywood sign

24 May 2011

In Field Dates: 

23 May 2011

Opponents of the controversial Wellywood sign to be erected near Wellington’s airport have blown away supporters in a UMR Research poll.

The poll shows that a clear majority of those aware of the debate (64%) are opposed with only 22% in support and 13% who neither approve nor disapprove of the sign and 1% who were unsure.  Reflecting the emotion the issue has attracted, almost half (44%) strongly disapprove of the sign.


Attitudes towards Australia and Rugby

5 Oct 2011

In Field Dates: 

29 Sep 2011 to 3 Oct 2011

“The media storm over the alleged treatment of a few Australian spectators at Rugby World Cup matches is not backed up at all by a scientific survey of New Zealanders attitudes toward Australians” says Stephen Mills, Executive Director of Australasian Research Agency UMR Research.

On the crunch question of who New Zealanders are going to support in the Australia versus South Africa Rugby World Cup quarter-final 63% went for Australia and 25% for South Africa.

The favourability rating for Australia was by far the highest of the 16 nations tested. 


Attitudes towards Breastfeeding

13 Feb 2012

In Field Dates: 

9 Feb 2012 to 12 Feb 2012

This survey shows strong public support for breastfeeding, along with concern about the pressure placed on mothers to breastfeed.

74% of New Zealanders believe that mothers should breastfeed their babies if they can, but 55% feel that there is too much pressure put on mothers to breastfeed.


What makes New Zealanders happy?

28 Feb 2012

In Field Dates: 

8 Dec 2011 to 11 Dec 2011


UMR Research today released the second part of our Happiness of New Zealand research, which looks at how aspects of life relate to our happiness.  Results of the first part of the research can be found here.  The second part of the research shows that the factors most associated with being happy include:


How happy are New Zealanders?

20 Feb 2012

UMR Research today released the Happiness of New Zealand 2012 report, which reveals whether females are happier than males, what region is happiest, what occupations are happiest, and where their money really does seem to make people happier.

The Happiness of New Zealand 2012 is the first of two reports examining happiness in New Zealand. UMR’s Happiness Drivers, which looks at why people are happy, is available here.  It updates previous reports from 2008 and 2009.



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