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Is Richie McCaw the greatest ever?

1 Nov 2012

In Field Dates: 

12 Oct 2012 to 25 Oct 2012

56% of New Zealanders who are very interested in rugby think that Richie McCaw deserves to be seen as the greatest All Black of all time, according to a poll released by UMR Research.  Participants were simply asked whether or not they believed that McCaw was the greatest All Black – i.e. no alternative candidates were given.

UMR’s monthly Online Omnibus survey also shows:


Are things in NZ heading in the right direction?

1 Oct 2012

One of UMR's many tools for taking New Zealand's pulse is our 'Mood' question.  This has been running since September 1991, and asks New Zealanders whether they believe things in the country are generally heading in the right direction, or if they are off on the wrong track.

This question is updated fortnightly through the UMR telephone omnibus survey.  Highlights of that series include:

Perception of the Treaty - research for the Human Rights Commission

30 Nov 2011

In Field Dates: 

25 Nov 2011 to 29 Nov 2011

UMR conducts an annual survey on perceptions of the Treaty of Waitangi for the Human Rights Commission. The survey explores how much people feel that they know about the Treaty and their reaction to a series of statements about it. Key results from the 2011 study include:

Annual Review of Race Relations - Research for Human Rights Commission

25 Nov 2011

In Field Dates: 

25 Nov 2012 to 30 Nov 2012

UMR conducts an annual survey for the Human Rights Commission on perceptions of discrimination and race relations in New Zealand. The first question in the survey asks New Zealanders to identify the groups they see as the most discriminated against (respondents are not prompted with the names of these groups).  The top four on this list in the 2011 study were:

Electricity Authority - Research on the Consumer Switching Fund

29 Mar 2012

In Field Dates: 

30 Jan 2012 to 7 Feb 2012

UMR conducts ongoing research for the Electricity Authority on the Consumer Switching Fund. This includes tracking of awareness and effectiveness of the 'What's my Number' campaign.

Copies of several recent reports can be found at http://www.ea.govt.nz/consumer/csf/, while a copy of the 2012 annual survey results can be downloaded below.

Perceptions of the Christchurch recovery plan

10 Aug 2012

In Field Dates: 

31 Jul 2012 to 9 Aug 2012

Invest Christchurch, the investment facilitation service of the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU), commissioned UMR to conduct three surveys amongst Christchurch business people, the wider Christchurch community and New Zealanders as a whole, looking at the economic future of the Christchurch region and perceptions of the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan.  Fieldwork began the day after the Recovery Plan was released on July 30th 2012.

How accurate are online polls? (Thinkpiece by Gavin White)

29 Jun 2012

Although the acceptability of online polls seems to be growing, there still seems to be a lot of questioning about whether they can be as accurate as conventional surveys. The credibility of online polls, for example, was hurt by a certain extraordinarily inaccurate poll which came out on regularly during the last general election campaign.

Our firm view, however, is that online polls can produce highly accurate results as long as:


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