Alice Kan

Alice Kan
Executive Director

Alice is a specialist social market researcher with a particular focus on projects designed to achieve awareness, engagement and behavioural change among the public. She also has a keen interest in public sector research including customer satisfaction and service improvement. She has considerable managerial and research experience in the health and disability sectors which brings valuable on-the-ground experience to research design for clients.  

Alice previously worked for Capital Coast Health where her managerial responsibilities involved interfaces with community support agencies, government departments, private health providers and the wider disability community. This gave her a depth of experience on the impact of policy changes on providers, patients and clients. At UMR, she has applied the full range of research tools to a wide variety of projects and has led the use of innovative techniques such as creativity groups to provide insight into difficult issues where the value of traditional methodologies is likely to be limited.


Alice's core skills include:

  • Project management for major projects in the health and disability sector
  • Expert in evaluation and social marketing research
  • Writing major public sector reports which were then published
  • Conducting focus groups and depth interviews
  • Writing qualitative discussion guides and quantitative questionnaires