Stephen Mills

Stephen Mills
Executive Director
+ 64 4 473 1061

Stephen is one of New Zealand's most experienced issues management consultants, with over 20 years experience both undertaking and using market research to handle major issues and develop communication strategies.  He has extensive experience with major corporate and political clients in New Zealand, Australia and throughout Asia, and his extensive experience working at the top level in politics and involvement in numerous issue management and political campaigns in New Zealand and Australia brings a vital additional dimension to many UMR projects.

Stephen is known for giving direct and clear advice based on UMR research findings. He was a senior political advisor to New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange prior to joining UMR and was one of Helen Clark's closest advisors when she was Leader of the Opposition and then Prime Minister.  

Stephen's core skills include: 

  • Specialist advice for communications, corporate image and public affairs, issue management and financial services
  • Project management
  • Conducting focus groups and depth interviews - Stephen runs groups and conducts interviews in almost all qualitative projects he is involved in.
  • Writing qualitative discussion guides and quantitative questionnaires
  • Managing quantitative research projects