Vanessa Leonard

Vanessa Leonard
Research Director

Vanessa has primary responsibility for UMR's quantitative research and analysis. She is an expert practitioner of analysis software - SPSS (including advanced analysis packages) and Quantum.  Vanessa brings new insights and approaches to each project reflecting her extensive training (in both New Zealand and Australia) in analytical techniques, and regularly works with expert academics to ensure that the approaches she uses are up with current best practice and the best options for the project at hand. 

Vanessa's core skills include:

  • Overseeing data management and quality control processes for all UMR quantitative projects
  • Developing and maintaining quota and weight systems to ensure that UMR's surveys are as representative as possible
  • Reviewing and perfecting quantitative questionnaires
  • Coordinating the data analysis team
  • Multivariate analysis and statistical modelling using an extensive array of advanced analysis techniques including, factor analysis cluster analysis, answer tree, conjoint analysis, multidimensional scaling and perceptual mapping