Malcolm Turnbull shouldn’t look to John Key for tips on managing reform (Sydney Morning Herald 12/11/15)

12 Nov 2015

Despite the Prime Minister's comments it is unlikely that Malcolm Turnbull would be satisfied with John Key's limited policy ambitions.

Malcolm Turnbull said his New Zealand counterpart John Key was a role model in his first press conference as Prime Minister. He described Key as "achieving very significant economic reforms in New Zealand … by taking on and explaining complex issues and then making the case for them".

Turnbull has got this completely wrong.


Inequality in New Zealand 2013

7 Mar 2014

The centrepiece of this study is based on a large module of questions included in the UMR SayIt monthly online survey, conducted from 29th August to 10th September 2013

The SayIt survey has a nationally representative sample of 1000 New Zealanders 18 years or older. The margin for error for this survey is ± 3.1%.

Except where otherwise stated, all data in this study was collected in this survey.

Some results are from questions included in other monthly online surveys.


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