The Top News Stories of 2011

19 Dec 2011

2011 has clearly been the biggest year for news since 2003, according to new polling data released today by UMR Research.  The data is based on a question from UMR’s fortnightly telephone omnibus survey, which asks people to rate how closely they have been following stories which have been in the news over the previous fortnight.  The series has been running since 2003, and the data shows that four of the six biggest news stories in the last eight years have happened in the last 15 months. 


Attitudes towards Australia and Rugby

5 Oct 2011

In Field Dates: 

29 Sep 2011 to 3 Oct 2011

“The media storm over the alleged treatment of a few Australian spectators at Rugby World Cup matches is not backed up at all by a scientific survey of New Zealanders attitudes toward Australians” says Stephen Mills, Executive Director of Australasian Research Agency UMR Research.

On the crunch question of who New Zealanders are going to support in the Australia versus South Africa Rugby World Cup quarter-final 63% went for Australia and 25% for South Africa.

The favourability rating for Australia was by far the highest of the 16 nations tested. 


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