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Social Media and Elections

4 Nov 2013

In Field Dates: 

1 Jan 2013 to 31 Mar 2013

Please find a link to UMR Research Director Stephen Mill's contribution to the publication "Social Media and Elections in Asia - Pacific" below:

Please also find some associated research in the PDF below:


Social media in New Zealand

20 Nov 2012

In Field Dates: 

12 Oct 2012 to 25 Oct 2012

76% of New Zealanders who are online use Facebook, up 7% since 2011.  Linkedin is the next most popular on 29%, although this is more than double what it was in 2011 (previously 12%).  On the other hand, 90% of people who are on Linkedin are also on Facebook.

UMR’s monthly Online Omnibus survey also looked at Twitter:


The Role of Twitter in US Politics

3 Oct 2012

Twitter is dominating the political debate in America, but its true effectiveness is yet to be judged.

In New Zealand there is argument on the appropriate attention paid to political bloggers. Nobody doubts though that they have had a recent role shaping the New Zealand political narrative.

But in the United States, the age of the political blog appears to have passed and it is now the age of Twitter.


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