Flag referendum 2016 - March 17 update

Flag referendum 2016 - March 17 update
In field 25 Feb 2016 to 29 Mar 2016and In field 10 Mar 2016 to 15 Mar 2016

There was no significant change in flag preference from the previous survey conducted in Late February.
Younger New Zealanders are the keenest to retain the flag.
Political polarisation is again very evident. A narrow majority of National voters now intend to vote for change but big majorities of other voters are voting for retention.

(In the previous flag survey undertaken in the last week of February, 59% wanted to keep the current flag and 32% to change. 9% were unsure. At the time, that represented a very modest gain for the change campaign as most polls had shown a 2:1 margin for retention of the current flag. The support then for the current flag amongst those who declare they are certain to vote is higher at 62% to 32% with National voters were the most likely to vote for change splitting 45% each way. Only 19% of Labour voters support changing the flag with 73% for retention.)