Flag referendum update - February 2016

Flag referendum update - February 2016
In field 29 Jan 2016 to 15 Feb 2016

Two-thirds of New Zealanders are still planning to back the current flag in the upcoming referendum, according to a poll - and just as many say the whole process was a waste of money.

Figures from UMR Research's flag referendum update released on Monday have found of those polled, 65 per cent preferred the union-jack-emblazoned flag to its ferned alternative.

What's more, two thirds - and even 47 per cent of National voters polled - agreed to the statement that: "The flag referendum has been a distraction and a waste of money. New Zealanders should send John Key a message by voting for the current flag."

Researchers also found those under 30 were most likely to vote for the current flag, and that National Party supporters were split on the issue with 50 per cent opposing the change.

The survey found more people were more determined to vote in the final referendum than the first, with the number of people certain they would vote up 20 per cent.

The NZ Flag Referendum Update asked 1000 Kiwis about their preferences and has a margin of error of 3.1 per cent.

The final referendum goes from March 3 to March 24.