Mood of the Nation 2016

Mood of the Nation 2016
In field 1 Jan 2015 to 31 Dec 2015

The annual Mood of the Nation report is a summary of a number of polls undertaken by UMR throughout 2015. Some of these polls have been tracked annually for up to 25 years.

It includes:

  • New Zealand's longest running and most consistently taken political poll (trends back to 1991)
  • Inequality in New Zealand
  • Performance ratings for a selection of government agencies
  • Business and regional development issues
  • New Zealander's use of social media
  • Global views
  • Confidence ratings for a selection of institutions, such as the news media, big business and unions
  • Plus many others

The latest results are available by downloading the PDF on this page. Previous Mood of the Nation reports can be found here.