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In field 24 Sep 2013 to 10 Oct 2013

A poll released today by UMR Research shows that, while New Zealanders are comfortable with government funding of the 2013 challenge, they’re less supportive of government funding for any future America’s Cup challenge.

  • 56% approve of the government funding the 2013 challenge, with 37% disapproving and 7% unsure
  • 41% say that they would approve of the government putting up the same amount of money again to fund a future challenge, with 48% disapproving and 10% unsure.

The poll also shows that:

Downloads: PDF icon final_government_funding_for_the_americas_cup_oct13.pdf


UMR Australia Managing Director John Utting talks to the ABC about the role of social media in elections.

In field 28 Mar 2013 to 8 Apr 2013

A clear majority of New Zealanders say that ANZAC Day means more to them than Waitangi Day, according to a poll released today by UMR Research.

• The poll asked New Zealanders which meant more to them personally – ANZAC Day or Waitangi Day.

• 60% of New Zealanders said that ANZAC Day meant more to them than Waitangi Day, while only 8% said that Waitangi Day was the more important. 29% think that both are equally meaningful to them.

Downloads: PDF icon anzac_day_mediarelease_apr-13.pdf

In field 1 Jan 2012 to 31 Dec 2012

At the start of every year UMR releases our Mood of the Nation report, a summary of the main polling results from the year before.  It includes:

Downloads: PDF icon umr_mood_of_the_nation_2013_online.pdf

In field 22 Feb 2013 to 5 Mar 2013

New Zealanders were fairly evenly divided on whether it was worthwhile subsidising the Hobbit.  In UMR’s latest online omnibus, only a narrow plurality 42% to 38% thought we had got value for money from the subsidy.

Males, older New Zealanders and those on higher incomes were more likely to see value for money in taxpayer backing for the film.

New Zealanders were also right behind Winston Peters call for Hollywood companies to pay the subsidy back if the films were successful.  70% were in favour of that and only 19% opposed.

Downloads: PDF icon the_hobbit_mar-13.pdf

In field 6 Dec 2012 to 10 Dec 2012

70% of New Zealanders believe that list MPs who are expelled from their parties should have to resign from parliament, according to a UMR Research poll released today.  16% think that they should not have to leave parliament, while 14% are undecided.

Downloads: PDF icon departing_mps_dec-12.pdf

In field 22 Nov 2012 to 26 Nov 2012

Only 1% of New Zealanders expect the Hobbit film to be a box office flop, according to a UMR Research poll released today.

UMR’s fortnightly Omnibus Survey shows 84% of New Zealanders expecting that it will be successful at the box office, including 64% who believe it will be a major success. 15% are unsure whether it will be a success or failure. On the other hand, only 18% say they have been closely following the build-up to the film up until now.

In field 12 Oct 2012 to 25 Oct 2012

76% of New Zealanders who are online use Facebook, up 7% since 2011.  Linkedin is the next most popular on 29%, although this is more than double what it was in 2011 (previously 12%).  On the other hand, 90% of people who are on Linkedin are also on Facebook.

UMR’s monthly Online Omnibus survey also looked at Twitter:

Downloads: PDF icon Social Media in New Zealand Nov-12.pdf


On Monday One News reported on a UMR poll on stealing from self-service checkouts. The results had originally be released on the SAYit blog, a discussion site for members of our online panel. Key observations from that research are now also available on the UMR site.

In field 12 Oct 2012 to 25 Oct 2012

56% of New Zealanders who are very interested in rugby think that Richie McCaw deserves to be seen as the greatest All Black of all time, according to a poll released by UMR Research.  Participants were simply asked whether or not they believed that McCaw was the greatest All Black – i.e. no alternative candidates were given.

UMR’s monthly Online Omnibus survey also shows:

Downloads: PDF icon MediaRelease_New Zealanders views of Sports Stars_Nov12.pdf