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In field 28 Apr 2011 to 3 May 2012

New Zealanders would choose to retain MMP if the referendum were held today, according to a UMR Research poll.  The poll uses the same wording as will be used in the referendum scheduled to be held in conjunction with the 2011 election, and showed that:

Downloads: PDF icon MMP Referendum (May-11).pdf

In field 24 Mar 2011 to 27 Mar 2011

The vast majority of Aucklanders want the proposed new harbour crossing to include rail, according to a poll by UMR Research. 

  • Of the n=241 Aucklanders surveyed, 79% favour the inclusion of rail lines.
  • This is significant because both NZTA and the Government are currently treating rail as an option, rather than as an integral part of any new crossing (e.g. rail lines are not factored in to NZTA’s Cost Benefit Analysis comparing bridge and tunnel options).

Opinions are more divided on the choice between a bridge and a tunnel.

Downloads: PDF icon Proposed Harbour Crossing Apr-11.pdf

In field 9 Feb 2011 to 16 Feb 2011

Almost two thirds (64%) of Aucklanders support some form of pedestrianisation for Queen St, according to a poll released today by UMR Research.  Of the n=323 Aucklanders surveyed:

Downloads: PDF icon Proposed Harbour Crossing Apr-11.pdf

In field 1 Jan 2010 to 31 Dec 2012

Each January UMR releases the Mood of the Nation, an update on key poll results throughout the previous calendar year. 2016 results can be found here. On this page you can access previous editions of Mood of the Nation.

Each report includes annual tracking of many factors, such as:

Downloads: PDF icon 2016, PDF icon 2015, PDF icon 2014, PDF icon 2013, PDF icon 2012, PDF icon 2011, PDF icon 2010, PDF icon 2009, PDF icon 2008, PDF icon 2007, PDF icon 2006, PDF icon 2005


UMR conducted a major research project for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (now part of the Ministry of Primary Industries) in 2008 exploring perceptions of primary industry amongst both urban and rural New Zealanders. The project involved a mix of focus groups and a telephone survey, including a booster sample for rural respondents.  Cluster analysis was used to dig deeper into the results of the research.

Downloads: PDF icon MAF beliefs-and-values-research-report-08.pdf


In August 2006, New Zealand Police contracted UMR Research Ltd to conduct exploratory research on what the New Zealand public want and expect from their police in the 21st century. The main aim of the research was to help inform a review of the 1950s-era Police Act. This piece of research was one of several methods used to access the public's views on policing. In parallel with this research, Police hosted discussion forums, a special symposium, and publicly consulted on discussion papers.

Downloads: PDF icon finalreport-28mar07-whatnzpublicwantfromtheirpolice-mar07.pdf


Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) has sought submissions on the content for the 2006 Census. A number of submissions have been received asking for the inclusion of questions on sexual orientation. Currently, in New Zealand information on sexual orientation is sparse and is generally restricted to studies on heath research in general and AIDS research in particular.

Some regional multi-disciplinary studies amongst particular age groups have been conducted, but there is a question as to how generalisable these would be to the total population.

Downloads: PDF icon sexualorientation.pdf