What We Do

  • Keeping pace with the changing dynamic of market research in New Zealand, UMR's monthly online panel survey ensures our customers are always getting the best information.

  • Affordable large-sample user testing for your website. Get a better understanding of whether your site is working for you.

  • The fortnightly UMR Telephone Omnibus Survey is a leading source of information on the changing perspectives of New Zealand and New Zealanders. It's a cost effective way to reach a large sample of New Zealanders.

  • UMR's SAYit Online Panels are delivering valuable insights for our customers.

UMR Research has provided insights and advice to decision-makers who have brought about major change in New Zealand and Australia since 1987.

UMR is a full-service market research and evaluation company specialising in corporate reputation, issue management, policy, evaluation, social and rural research.  It is the company of choice for leaders and decision-makers because we turn high quality research into hard-headed strategic advice. 

Our specialist areas include:

We offer both qualitative and quantitative research.  Our qualitative research services include:

Quantitative research services include:

Our team of expert researchers are seasoned professionals who combine extensive experience with a deep understanding of the public mindset. 

UMR can help your organisation to understand the mood and behaviours of New Zealanders and your stakeholders, and to develop effective, evidence based strategies.