• Find out New Zealanders opinions on a range of topics such as the economy, politics, inequality and a whole heap more.
  • Find out how social media impacts politics and the community
  • Explore how news stories affect the national mood.
  • Keeping pace with the changing dynamic of market research in New Zealand, UMR's monthly online panel survey ensures our customers are always getting the best information.

  • The fortnightly UMR Telephone Omnibus Survey is a leading source of information on the changing perspectives of New Zealand and New Zealanders. It's a cost effective way to reach a large sample of New Zealanders.

  • Affordable large-sample user testing for your website. Get a better understanding of whether your site is working for you.

Qualitative Hall Tests

A great way of getting the views of a lot of people very quickly. Ideal for hard-to-reach audiences like tourists.

Online panels for Kiwis

UMR's SAYit Online Panels are delivering valuable insights for our customers.

Follow New Zealand's mood

UMR has more than 20 years of polling data on the mood of the nation.