The Future of work

The Future of work

A UMR nationwide survey undertaken earlier this year shows New Zealanders appear to be remarkably complacent about the threat from the advance of new technologies to many occupations in the near let alone the more distant future.

They do not appear, at least yet, to be overly concerned by the threat to current occupations from new technologies.
Employed New Zealanders are not overly worried that their job will be lost to new technology. Right now, there is more concern their job will be lost as a result of poor management.

Decisive majorities of all New Zealanders surveyed believe that the job they work in now will be around in 10 years, 20 years and even in 50 years.
They also believe that most occupations will survive, even over a 50 year timespan. Of a range of 16 occupations tested, the only ones a majority of New Zealanders think will probably be gone in 50 years are; travel agents, cashiers and tellers and postal service workers.

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  • Client UMR Nationwide Telephone Survey
  • Date 17 January 2017
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